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Keyboard: _BHATCH, HATCH, or -_BHATCH or -HATCH to run command line version


Opens the Hatch tab in the Hatch and Gradient dialog box. Allows you to add or edit hatches, which apply patterns to closed entities within specified boundaries.

You can make the boundary hatch associative or non-associative, by choosing whether the hatch pattern will change when its boundary is changed. Associative hatches created in AutoCAD display in CADdirect and can be edited.

For instructions on how to create a boundary for hatching, see Boundary. For a sample of available boundary hatch patterns, see Hatch Patterns or ISO Hatch Patterns.

NOTE Hatch patterns are memory intensive and can take a considerable amount of time to draw. To improve performance, add hatching as one of the last steps when you create a drawing, or insert hatches on a separate layer that you can freeze as you continue to work on your drawing. In addition, be sure to use the appropriate hatch scale and pattern. For example, instead of using a small-scaled line pattern to create a solid fill, use the SOLID hatch pattern as this will print and display much faster.

Edit Hatch

Add hatching and gradients

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