Dimension Edit: DIMEDIT


Toolbar: Dimensioning > Edit Dimension Text

Ribbon: Annotate > Edit Dimension Text (in Dimensions)

Menu: Dimensions > Edit Dimension Text

Keyboard: _DIMEDIT


Experience Level: Advanced

Edits dimension lines and text. You can change, rotate, or restore text, or you can make extension lines oblique.

Enter type of dimension editing: Home/New/Rotate/Oblique/<Home>: To restore modified dimension text, press Enter. To edit text, choose New. To rotate dimension text, choose Rotate. To make extension lines oblique, choose Oblique.

To edit dimension text

Choose New.

New dimension text <>: Enter the new text. You can use the following codes to place special characters:

Code Meaning
%%c Center symbol
%%d Degree symbol
%%p Plus-minus symbol
<> Original text

You can also enter extended characters from the standard Microsoft® Windows ANSI character set. Refer to the Windows Character Map utility for more information on the characters that are supported.

Select dimensions to replace with new text: Select the dimension text that you want to change.

To make extension lines oblique


A dimension with oblique extension lines.

Choose Oblique.

Select linear dimensions to make oblique: Select the dimensions that you want to change.

Enter obliquing angle: Enter a new angle for the extension lines that you want to change.

TIP Oblique extension lines by 30 degrees for dimensions in isometric drawings.

To rotate text


An oblique dimension with rotated text.

Choose Rotate.

Angle of dimension text: Enter the angle at which you want to rotate the text. The dimension text angle is relative to the dimension line. If the dimension text rotation is set to zero, the text angle is defined by the dimension type and the dimension style.

Select entities to rotate text: Select the dimensions that you want to rotate.

Dimension Aligned

Dimension Angular

Dimension Baseline

Dimension Continue

Dimension Diameter

Dimension Leader

Dimension Radius

Dimension Styles

Reset Dimension Text

Edit dimensions

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