Dimension Leader: DIMLEADER


Toolbar: Dimensioning > Leader

Ribbon: Annotate > Leader (in Dimensions)

Menu: Dimensions > Leader

Keyboard: _DIMLEADER


Experience Level: Intermediate

Draws a line, or sequence of lines, for controlled placement of dimension text. A leader has an arrowhead at its starting point and text at its ending point.

It is recommended to use the Multileader command for more options.


  1. Select the start point of the leader.
  2. Select the next point of the leader.
  3. Select the endpoint of the leader.

Start of leader: Select the start point of the leader.

Next point: Select the next point of the leader. You can continue to specify additional points for the leader. To stop selecting points, press Enter.

Dimension text <value>: To accept the dimension text, press Enter. To change the dimension text, enter new text.


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Create a leader and an annotation

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