Extruded Surface: TABSURF


Toolbar: Draw 3D > Extruded Surface

Ribbon: Draw 3D > Extrude Surface (in Draw 3D Meshes)

Menu: Draw > 3D Meshes > Extruded Surface

Keyboard: _TABSURF

Experience Level: Advanced

Creates a mesh that approximates a tabulated surface defined by a path and a direction. You can use the Extruded Surface command to extrude lines, arcs, circles, or polylines.

You can use the SURFTAB1 system variable to define the number of M-direction surfaces on the extruded entity. When you extrude a line, arc, or circle, the number of M-direction surfaces is evenly divided using the SURFTAB1 variable. When you extrude a polyline, extrusion lines are drawn at the ends of the line segments, and the arc segments are divided evenly into the number of surfaces specified in SURFTAB1. If the polyline has been curved (fitted) or splined, the number of M-direction surfaces is evenly divided using the SURFTAB1 variable.

The entity you select for the extrusion path defines the direction and length of the sides, the N-direction.



  1. Select the entity you want to extrude.
  2. Select the entity for the extrusion path.


Select entity to extrude: Select the entity you want to extrude. The entity is the path curve that defines the surface of the mesh.

Select line or open polyline for extrusion path: Select a line or polyline for the extrusion path. The direction and length of the line determine the direction and length of the extrusion. Only the first and last points of a polyline are used when determining the extrusion path. The point at which you specify the entity determines the extrusion direction.

NOTE By default, a mesh entity is created. Set the MESHTYPE system variable to 0 to create a legacy polygon or polyface mesh.

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