Customizing the tablet menu configuration

The tablet overlay shows a grid consisting of 26 rows (A through Z) and 26 columns (1 through 26). When you configure your tablet, you specify points on the tablet that correspond with the CADdirect tablet overlay. You can change the behavior of selected grid areas with the setGridItem command.

To program the grid

Type this command exactly as shown:

(tablet_setGridItem row_number column_number command)

where row_number corresponds to the letters down the left side of the overlay; column_number is the number across the top of the overlay; command is the command that will be invoked when you click that portion of the grid.

The grid indices are zero-based; that is, grid A1 is indexed as 0,0 and grid Z26 is indexed as 25,25. To program grid K 2 (currently the REGEN tool) to run the Line command, for example, type

(tablet_setGridItem 10 1 "^C^C^Cline")

Alternately for comparison, the following example does not work:

(tablet_setGridItem 1 14 "^c^c(ms_lbl "LY050")")

But does work with added backslashes:

(tablet_setGridItem 1 14 "^c^c(ms_lbl \"LY050\")")

Customizing the pointer device buttons

Setting the screen pointing area size

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