Subject: Displaying and hiding the ribbon

The ribbon contains several areas from which to choose commands:

   Application button — The Application button in the upper left corner contains file-related commands, such as New, Open, Import, Export, and more.

   Quick Access toolbar — Contains commonly used commands. Click the Quick Access toolbar down arrow to choose which commands display and to customize various visual elements of the drawing window.

   Tabs —  Contains related commands grouped together, for example, on the tabs named Home, Edit, Draw, etc.

   Panels — Contains sub-categories of commands within a tab, for example Draw, Modify, and Layers on the Home tab.

To customize the Quick Access toolbar

   1   To add a command to the Quick Access toolbar, right-click the command in the ribbon, then choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

   2   To remove a command from the Quick Access toolbar, right-click the command to delete, then choose Remove from Quick Access Toolbar.

To customize a tab in the ribbon

   1   Right-click anywhere in the tab of the ribbon you want to customize.

   2   Do one of the following:

   Choose Show Tab, then choose the tabs you want to display or hide.

   Choose Show Panel, then choose the areas that you want to display or hide for that tab.

The ribbon can be customized in other ways.
You can use the Customize UI command or manually edit the .cui file for the rib­bon. For more details, see Customizing the ribbon and Working with user inter­face customization files.

To minimize the ribbon

   1   Click the down arrow on the Quick Access toolbar.

   2   Choose Minimize the Ribbon.

To show both the ribbon and menus at the same time

   1   Right-click anywhere in the ribbon.

   2   Choose Menu Bar.

To hide the ribbon

   1   Do one of the following:

   Right-click anywhere in the menus or ribbon, then choose Switch to Menu Bar. This hides the ribbon and displays the menus instead.

   Type ribbonclose and press Enter to hide the ribbon only.

To display the ribbon

   1   Do one of the following:

   Right-click a menu or any toolbar, then choose Switch to Ribbon.

   Type ribbon and press Enter.

When using the ribbon, switch between drawings using file tabs or using the status bar.
Click a drawing’s file tab to display the drawing. If file tabs are not visible, type filetab and press Enter. You can also switch between drawings using Show Window Menu on the status bar.

Workspaces also can control the ribbon.
The CADdirect Classic workspace shows toolbars and the Drafting and Annotation workspace shows the ribbon. For more details about workspaces, see Using work­spaces.

Ribbon display can also be affected by Clean Screen On/Off on the status bar.
To control whether the ribbon is included when you click Clean Screen On/Off on the status bar, right-click the icon and mark or unmark Ribbon.

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