Subject: Setting the current linetype

Linetypes help convey information. You use different linetypes to differentiate the purpose of one line from another. A linetype consists of a repeating pattern of dots, dashes, or blank spaces. Linetypes determine the appearance of entities both on the screen and when printed. By default, every drawing has at least three linetypes: CON­TINUOUS, BYLAYER, and BYBLOCK. Your drawing may also contain an unlim­ited number of additional linetypes.           

When you create an entity, it is created using the current linetype. By default, the cur­rent linetype is BYLAYER. CADdirect indicates that the entity linetype is deter­mined by the current layer’s linetype by assigning the BYLAYER property as the default linetype setting. When you assign BYLAYER, changing a layer’s linetype changes the linetype of all the entities assigned that layer (if they were created using the linetype BYLAYER).     

You can also select a specific linetype as the current linetype, which overrides the layer’s linetype setting. Entities are then created using that linetype, and changing the layer linetype has no effect on them.

As a third option, you can use the linetype BYBLOCK property, in which case new entities are drawn using the CONTINUOUS linetype until you group them into a block. The entities then inherit the block’s linetype setting when you insert the block into a drawing.

To set the current linetype

   1   Do one of the following to choose Drawing Settings ():         

   On the ribbon, choose Application button > Drawing Utilities; Home > Drawing Settings (in Utilities); or Tools > Drawing Settings (in Manage).

   On the menu, choose Tools > Drawing Settings.

   On the Tools toolbar, click the Drawing Settings tool.

   Type dsettings and then press Enter.

   2   Click the Entity Creation tab.

   3   In the Linetype list, choose the linetype that you want to make current.

   4   Click OK.

Use the status bar shortcut.
On the status bar, right-click the word BYLAYER for the current linetype, click Prop­erties, and then choose the linetype that you want to make current.

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