Subject: Specifying entities or areas for hatching and gradients

You can specify either entities or areas in which to apply hatches and gradients:

   Select entities — Add hatching or gradients to any entity that forms a closed boundary, for example, a circle or rectangle. You can assign hatching or gradients to a single entity or several entities at the same time.

   Select areas — Add hatching or gradients to an area enclosed by entities that form a boundary. The hatch or gradient is created in the enclosed area, not the entities themselves. The entire hatch or gradient, once drawn, is treated as a single entity and it is either associative or independent of the boundary entities.

To select entities or areas for hatching and gradients

   1   Do one of the following to choose Hatch () or Gradient ():

   On the ribbon, choose Home > Hatch or Home > Gradient (in Draw); or choose Draw > Hatch or Draw > Gradient (in Draw).

   On the menu, choose Draw > Hatch > Hatch, or Gradient.

   On the Draw toolbar, click the Hatch tool or Gradient tool.

   Type bhatch or gradient and then press Enter.

   2   Click one of the following:

   Add: Pick points Specifies areas for which to apply hatching and gradients. In the drawing, click inside the closed perimeter of a boundary, not on the boundary itself. If desired, continue clicking inside additional closed perimeters. To complete the selection, press Enter.

   Add: Select entities Specifies entities for which to apply hatching and gradients. In the drawing, click the entities individually or by choosing a selection method from the prompt box, and then press Enter when done.

   Remove boundaries Removes boundaries from the selection set. In the drawing, click the boundaries to remove from the selection set.

   Recreate boundary Creates a polyline or region around a hatch or gradient. In the drawing, click the hatch or gradient for which you want to create a boundary.

   View selections Displays the selection set. In the drawing, press Enter when done viewing the selection set.

   3   To continue, specify additional options. For details, see Specifying additional hatch and gradient options.

A warning message displays when you create the hatch or gradient if the number of entities selected exceeds the HPOBJWARNING system variable value.
If the warning displays, to improve performance before continuing with hatch cre­ation, select fewer entities. Hatch patterns are memory intensive and can take a considerable amount of time to draw.

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