Subject: Specifying justification and scale

When you draw a multiline, you specify the vertices of one of the lines that makes up the multiline — the additional parallel lines are drawn in position according to the justification. Vertices can be specified on the top, middle, or bottom of a multiline, according to the selected justification.

You can also determine the overall width of the multiline, which affects the distance between parallel lines, by adjusting the multiline scale.

NOTE If you change the multiline scale, you might need to make equivalent changes to the linetype scale to prevent dots or dashes from being disproportionately sized.

To draw a multiline with different justification or scale

   1   Do one of the following to choose Multiline ():

   On the ribbon, choose Draw > Multiline.

   On the menu, choose Draw > Multiline.

   On the Draw toolbar, click the Multiline tool.

   Type mline and then press Enter.

   2   Select justification and choose one of the following options:

   Top Specified vertices define the top line; additional parallel lines are drawn below the specified vertices.

   Zero Specified vertices define the middle of the multiline.

   Bottom Specified vertices define the bottom line; additional parallel lines are drawn above the specified vertices.

   3   Select Scale and enter a new scale value according to the following:

   Greater than 1 — Multilines are wider.

   Less than 1 — Multilines are narrower.

   Equal to 1 — Multilines collapse into a single line.

   Negative value — Flips the justification when multilines are drawn and alters the scale according to the set value.

   4   Specify the start point of the multiline.

   5   Specify additional vertices.

   6   After specifying the endpoint, choose Done or press Enter.

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