Subject: Entering spherical coordinates

When working in three-dimensional space, you can use spherical coordinates to spec­ify a three-dimensional point by entering its distance from either the origin (absolute distance) or the last point (relative distance), along with its angle in the xy plane and its angle up from the xy plane. In spherical format, you separate each angle with the open angle bracket (<).              

Thus, to draw a line from the origin to a point 10.2500 drawing units away, at an angle of 45 degrees from the x-axis and 35 degrees from the xy plane, start the Line command, and then respond to the prompts as follows:

Start of line: 0,0,0

Angle • Length • <Endpoint>: 10.2500<45<35


When you draw a line from a start point (A) to an endpoint (B) using spherical coordinates, you specify its length (C, in this case 10.2500 units), the angle in the xy plane (D, in this case 45 degrees), and the angle from the xy plane (E, in this case 35 degrees).

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