Subject: Filtering layers by group

Layer group filters include any layer that you select for the group. For example, a group filter can display all layers that contain text entities, then you can freeze or thaw those layers as needed.

To create a group filter

   1   Do one of the following to choose Explore Layers ():

   On the ribbon, choose Home > Explore Layers (in Layers) or choose Tools > Layers (in Explorer).

   On the menu, choose Format > Explore Layers or choose Tools > Explorer > Explore Layers.

   On the Explorer toolbar, click the Explore Layers tool.

   Type explayers and then press Enter.

   2   Click the Group Filter tool () or press Alt + G.

Filters can be nested.
To create a sub-filter of an existing filter, right-click the existing filter and choose New Properties Filter or New Group Filter.

   3   Type a name for the new group filter, then press Enter.

   4   To choose layers for the group filter, do one of the following:

   Right-click the group filter, choose Select Layers > Add, then select entities in your drawing that reside on layers to include in the group. Press Enter when done. Choose Select Layers > Replace if the group filter has existing layers that you want to remove before adding new layers.

   Double-click the group filter, then mark and unmark the desired layers.

   5   Click OK.

   6   To complete the command and return to your drawing, close the window.

Create a group filter by converting an existing property filter.
In the Explorer, view layer filters, right-click a property filter, and choose Convert to Group Filter.

To modify a group filter

   1   In the Explorer, select Layers, then do one of the following:

   To rename a group filter, select it and type a new name.

   To delete a group filter, select it and press Delete.

   To change the layers included in a group filter, double-click it.

   To change the list order of filters, drag and drop a group filter to a new location in the list. To sort all filters in alphabetical order, right-click the top item, All, and choose Sort Filters.

   To select new layers for the group filter directly in the drawing, right-click the group filter. Choose Select Layers > Add if you want to keep all existing layers in the group filter and select new ones to add directly in the drawing. Choose Select Layers > Replace if you want to remove all existing layers from the group filter and select new ones directly in the drawing.

Use a shortcut.
Right-click a group filter to modify it.

To modify the layers in a group filter

   1   In the Explorer, select Layers.

   2   To change the visibility of all layers in a group filter, right-click the group filter, choose Visibility, then choose one of the following:

   On / Off

   Thaw / Freeze

   Isolate Freeze

These additional options are available if you’re working on a Layout tab:

   Current Viewport Thaw / Freeze

   Current Layout All Viewports Thaw / Freeze

   Isolate Viewport Freeze

   3   To change the accessibility of all layers in a group filter, right-click the group fil­ter, choose Lock, then choose one of the following:



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