Subject: Understanding linetypes

CADdirect provides simple and complex linetypes:

   A simple linetype consists of a repeating pattern of dots, dashes, or blank spaces.

   A complex linetype contains embedded shape and text entities along with
dots, dashes, and spaces.

You can use different linetypes to represent specific kinds of information. For exam­ple, if you are drawing a site plan, you can draw roads using a continuous linetype, a fence using a using a linetype of dashes with square posts, or a gas line using a com­plex linetype showing the text “GAS”.


By default, every drawing has at least three linetypes: CONTINUOUS, BYLAYER, and BYBLOCK. You cannot rename or delete these linetypes. Your drawing may also contain an unlimited number of additional linetypes. You can load more line-types into the program from a linetype library file or create and save linetypes you define.

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