Subject: Dimensioning model space entities in paper space

To increase efficiency, you can separate your drawing model from annotations using the Model and Layout tabs.

It takes time to display dimensions, title blocks, keynotes, and other annotations. If you draw these on a Layout tab, display-time and visual clutter are reduced when you work on your model (on the Model tab). CADdirect allows you to dimension model space entities on either the Model tab or a Layout tab — you can make the choice depending on the method that works best for your needs.

To dimension model space entities in paper space

   1   Click a Layout tab.

   2   Create at least one layout viewport. For details, see Creating layout viewports.

   3   Select the edge of the layout viewport that you want to use for creating dimensions and lock the layout viewport by doing one of the following:

   Click Viewport Lock/Unlock in the status bar.

   Right-click the edge of the layout viewport, choose Properties, then choose Lock Viewports.

Locking the viewport is not required, but it is extremely helpful when you zoom or pan in the layout viewport; it prevents the viewport scale and view center from changing.

You can work in a layout viewport without having it clutter your display or selections.
Place layout viewports on their own layer, and after locking the layout viewports, hide the layer that contains them.

   4   Make sure you are working in paper space by verifying that Model or Paper Space in the status bar begins with “P.” If necessary, switch to paper space by double-clicking Model or Paper Space in the status bar.

   5   Create a dimension. You can select the model space entities directly, specify defi­nition points, or use entities snaps to help accurately select the definition points.

The dimension is created in paper space.

For more details about using paper space and model space, see Understanding paper space and model space.

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