Subject: Assigning print style tables

Select a print style table before printing if you want to change how your drawing appears when you print it. Print style tables can modify how colors, pen widths, line­types, and lineweights look when they are printed.

You can assign print style tables globally for all layouts (including the Model tab), or individually for the Model tab or a Layout tab. Assigning a print style table to an indi­vidual layout allows you to further customize the layouts you use to print a drawing.

However, assigning different named print style tables to various layouts may result in mismatched print style names; a named print style assigned to an entity or layer may not be located in the assigned print style table at print time. In this case, entities are printed using their default properties, which is similar to assigning the Normal print style to an entity or layer.

To assign a print style table at the same time you print

   1   If necessary, click the desired Layout tab, or click the Model tab.

   2   Do one of the following to choose Print ():

   On the ribbon, choose the Application button then choose Print, or choose Output > Print (in Print).

   On the menu, choose File > Print.

   Type print and then press Enter.

You can assign a print style table to a page setup.
Use the Page Setup Manager to assign a print style table to a page setup that you use for printing.

   3   Under Print Style Table (Pen Assignments), select a print style table that you cre­ated or one of the following:

   None — Applies no print style table. Entities print according to their own properties.

   Icad — Uses the default print style table and its color assignments.

   Monochrome — Prints all colors as black.  

   4   Select Save Changes to Layout, and then click OK.

When a drawing is first created it is assigned to use either color-dependent or named print style tables.
For details on converting a drawing to use a different type of print style table, see Understanding print style tables.

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