Subject: Modifying and saving printer settings in a .pc3 file

Each .pc3 file stores the following printer settings, depending on the destination printer or file:

   Standard paper sizes and margins

   Graphics settings for vectors, rasters, and text

   Custom properties for colors, scaling, layers, fonts, and more

Paper sizes and margin settings are customizable and saved in .pmp files, not .pc3 files.
When you customize paper sizes and margins, a .pmp file is saved and attached to the .pc3 file automatically. You can also attach an existing .pmp file. For more details, see Working with paper sizes and .pmp files.

To modify and save printer settings in a .pc3 file

   1   Do one of the following to choose Print ():

   On the ribbon, choose the Application button then choose Print, or choose Output > Print (in Print).

   Choose File > Print.

   On the Standard toolbar, click the Print tool.

   Type print and then press Enter.

   2   From the Printer Name list, select a .pc3 file.

   3   Click Properties.

   4   In the Printer Configuration Editor dialog box, click the Settings tab.

   5   Expand Media in the list to view and select the default paper size for the printer. Select Source and Size, then in Media Source and Size, select a new default paper size for the printer configuration.

   6   Expand Graphics in the list and choose from the following options:

   Vector Graphics — Displays settings for printing vector graphics. In Color Depth, select whether to use color or monochrome output and then the color or grayscale bit depth.

   Raster Graphics — Displays settings for printing raster graphics. When printer resources are limited, you can move the sliders to balance printing speed and image quality for raster images, OLE objects, and general trade-offs.

   TrueType Text — Select whether to print text that is assigned TrueType fonts as text (faster but may print with a different font) or graphics (slower but ensures text is printed as displayed).

   Merge Control — To retain the colors of lines that overlap, choose Lines Overwrite. The visible color is of the line that was most recently added to the drawing. To merge colors together, choose Lines Merge.

   7   Select Custom Properties in the list to specify additional settings for printing, which vary according to the selected printer:

   Standard printers and drivers — The standard dialog box opens for your printer.

   DWF .pc3 files — The Custom Properties dialog box opens. Click [?] for more details about each available option.

   PDF .pc3 files — The Custom Properties dialog box opens. Click [?] for more details about each available option.

   JPG and PNG .pc3 files — In Custom Properties, select the background color and mark whether to rotate raster scan lines by 90 degrees.

   8   Click Save As.

   9   Specify a name and location for the .pc3 file, which can be new or the existing .pc3 file, then click Save.

   10   Click OK.

   11   Click OK to print, or click Cancel.

You can also modify and save printer configuration files using the Options command.
Choose Options, click the Printing tab, click Add or Configure Printers, then make your selections. For more details, see Setting up printer configuration files.

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