Subject: Understanding layout viewports

When you begin working in a drawing on the Model tab, it consists of a single view of your model. You may have created additional views by dividing the drawing space into multiple windows; each window is a separate viewport on the Model tab.       

Similarly, when you begin working in a drawing on a Layout tab, it consists of a sin­gle view from paperspace of your model. You can also create multiple layout view­ports that display unique views of your model. Each layout viewport functions as a window into your model space drawing — with each window looking different from the next. You can customize the view center, scale, layer visibility, and contents of each layout viewport. Each layout viewport is created as a separate entity that you can move, copy, or delete.    

Click any layout viewport to make it the current viewport, and then add or modify model space entities in that viewport, even while snapping to model space entities from paper space. Any changes you make in one layout viewport are immediately visible in the other viewports (if the other layout viewports are displaying that portion of the drawing). Zooming or panning in the current viewport affects only that view­port.               

This section focusses on working with layout viewports in paper space on a Layout tab. For additional information about viewports in model space, see Dividing the cur­rent window into multiple windows.

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