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CADdirect 2022 Training Course 2D

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Tips & Tricks

Training Course Lesson #1

  • How to open a new drawing
  • Workspaces and their use
  • Application Menu & its use.
  • Quick Access Toolbar and its use
  • Ribbon and its use
  • Status Bar and its use
  • SNAP function
  • GRID function
  • ORTHO function
  • POLAR function
  • Entity Tracking function
  • Lineweight function and their uses
  • Tool Palettes and it’s use
  • Command line and its use
  • Drawing Area, Origin Icon and the Cursor


Training Course Lesson #2
Basic Drawing and Editing Tools

  • Drawing horizontal and vertical lines
  • Closing lines
  • Methods of selecting objects
  • Erase and Undo
  • Drawing Circles and Rectangles
  • Altering Rectangles with Chamfer
  • Fillet
  • Width
  • Rotation



Training Course Lesson #3

  • How to use layers
  • Controlling layers
  • Freezing or Thawing
  • Locking or Unlocking
  • Layer Color
  • Transparency
  • Creating new layers
  • Loading and selecting layer line types



Training Course Lesson #4
Object Snap and Zoom

  • Learn the various Snaps:
  • Learn the Zoom function

Training Course Lesson #5
Ellipses, Points and Polylines

  • Drawing Points and Point Size
  • Drawing Polyline and Polyline Width
  • Drawing Arcs
  • Closing Polylines
  • Editing Polylines

Training Course Lesson #6
Editing Functions

  • Break command
  • Trim command
  • Extend command
  • Move command
  • Drag command
  • Explode command
  • Copy (multiple objects)
  • Copy (Array Option)
  • Mirror command
  • Fillet Command
  • Chamfer command

Training Course Lesson #7
Single Text and Multiline Text

  • Justification options
  • Align, Fit
  • Center, Middle
  • Right
  • Tabs, Indents
  • Spelling Checker
  • Paragraphs and Line spacing
  • Editing Text



Training Course Lesson #8
Coordinate Input

  • Types of coordinate Input
  • Absolute
  • Relative
  • Polar



Training Course Lesson #9

  • Types of Hatches
  • Hatch Patterns
  • User Defined Hatch, Solid Hatch, Gradient Hatch
  • Specifying Hatch Patterns
  • Selecting areas for Hatching
  • Modifying existing Hatches



Training Course Lesson #10

  • Understanding Dimension Points
  • Types of Dimensions
  • Associative
  • Non-Associative
  • Exploded
  • Creating dimensions



Training Course Lesson #11
Dimensions and Leaders

  • Creating Linear Dimensions
  • Creating Angular Dimensions
  • Creating Arc Dimensions
  • Creating Diametral and Radial Dimensions
  • Creating Ordinate Dimensions
  • Creating Leaders



Training Course Lesson #12
Text Styles

  • Text Styles
  • Text Style Default
  • Text Style Parameters
  • Changing Fonts
  • Changing Text Style Parameters

Training Course Lesson #13
Layouts and View Ports

  • Layout Tabs
  • Layout and Printing
  • Model Space
  • Paper Space
  • Views
  • View port

Training Course Lesson #14
Creating Simple Drawing

  • Creation of simple drawing
  • Template selection
  • Layer creation
  • Color BYLAYER
  • Draw Rectangle
  • Line weight
  • Automatic Construction Lines
  • Layer CLINE
  • Properties
  • Modify - Send to Back

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