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CADdirect 2022 Tips & Tricks

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the Training Course 2D

Video #1
Creating a New Drawing

  • 3 methods to open/create a new drawing (with/without templates)
  • Choosing metric system
  • Choosing Linear Units
  • Choosing Angular Units
  • Choosing .ctb or .stb files

Video #2
Activation of Menus and Toolbars

  • Quick Access Toolbar and its use
  • Quickly activate/deactivate menus
  • Activate/deactivate ribbon or minimize it



Video #3
Transfer of Templates and Settings From AutoCAD

  • How to Autobackup your projects
  • Import .ctb/.stb files from AutoCAD
  • How to add Paths
  • Import plot styles



Video #4
Menu Adaptation

  • Import AutoCAD Menus
  • Import AutoCAD Shortcuts
  • Customize Menus
  • Customize shortcuts



Video #5
Screen Settings and Tool Palettes

  • Change colors
  • Pickbox size
  • Tool Palettes
  • Change language settings



Video #6
Simple Drawing Tutorial

  • Creating Layers
  • Choosing color/lineweight of layers
  • Switching between layers.
  • Drawing simple shapes
  • Create construction lines
  • Extend lines
  • Moving and correction

Video #7
Effective Functions Part 1

  • Tool Palettes
  • Object Selection
  • Express Tools
  • Move-Copy-Rotate MOCORO
  • Dimension Text
  • Command XLIST
  • Construction Lines
  • MTEXT with Columns
  • PDF Export
  • Incremental Save

Video #8
Effective Functions Part 2

  • Digital Signature
  • Selection Grips
  • Save Workspace
  • Gradient Command
  • Notepad Command
  • File Tab Command
  • CleanScreen Command
  • System Variable Manager
  • Print Dialog

Video #9
Effective Functions Part 3

  • Selection Cycling
  • Selection Filter
  • OVERKILL Command
  • Auto-Publisch
  • Start Page
  • Grips for Rectangles
  • Block Editor
  • UnDo

Video #10
Cursor Appearance and Drawing Units

  • Change Cursor appearance and drawing units
  • Change cursor settings
  • Change Pickbox Size
  • Drawing settings vs Program settings
  • How to input coordinates

Video #11
PDF Import and Export

  • Advanced PDF Import and Export as part of package.
  • Insert PDF as Underlay if you only own
  • PDF to DWG conversion.
  • Separate entities on drawing.
  • Using OCR
  • Raster 2 Vector, Vectorization methods
  • PDF layers, PDF settings, PDF colors, Exporting PDF drawings.
  • Using 2D/3D entities for creation of 3D PDF

Video #12
DWG to DWG Conversion and Relayering

  • Receiving old drawings from old systems and how to fix.
  • DWG to DXF.
  • Convert incorrect dimensions
  • Sort entities on layers.
  • Delete strings.
  • Change colors on file.
  • Define rules on drawing and layer conversions.



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