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    1. Introduction

About 2021

Comparing 2021 and CAD to manual drafting

Using advanced CAD features

Getting more information

Working with sample drawings

New in 2021

New in 2021


   2. Getting Started

System requirements

Installing 2021

Starting 2021

Working in 2021

Selecting commands

Correcting mistakes

Customizing 2021

Getting online Help

Saving a drawing

Exiting 2021


   3. Working with drawings

Creating a new drawing

Opening a drawing

Setting up a drawing

Working with colors

Using grid and snap

Using entity snap

Saving your drawing


   4. Creating simple entities

Drawing lines

Drawing circles

Drawing arcs

Drawing ellipses

Drawing elliptical arcs

Drawing points

Drawing rays

Drawing infinite lines

Drawing freehand


   5. Creating complex entities

Drawing rectangles

Drawing polygons

Drawing polylines

Drawing multilines

Drawing traces

Drawing splines

Drawing wipeouts

Drawing revision clouds

Drawing boundary polylines

Adding hatching


   6. Viewing your drawing

Redrawing and Regenerating a drawing

Moving around within a drawing

Changing the magnification of your drawing

Changing the view of annotative entities

Displaying a drawing with a visual style

Displaying multiple views

Controlling visual elements


   7. Working with coordinates

Using Cartesian coordinates

Using two-dimensional coordinates

Using three-dimensional coordinates

Using xyz point filters

Defining user coordinate systems


   8. Working with Explorer

Using 2021 Explorer

Organizing information on layers

Working with linetypes

Working with text styles

Working with coordinate systems

Using named views

Working with layouts

Working with block

Working with references to external files

Working with dimension styles

Working with groups


   9. Getting drawing information

Measurements and divisions

Calculating areas

Calculating distances and angles

Displaying information about your drawing


 10. Modifying entities

Selecting entities

Modifying the properties of entities

Deleting entities

Copying entities

Rearranging entities

Resizing entities

Splitting and combining entities

Editing polylines

Chamfering and filleting entities


 11. Working with text

Creating line text

Creating paragraph text

Working with text styles

Formatting text

Changing text

Checking the spelling

Using an alternate text editor

Working with text written in different languages


 12. Dimensioning your drawing

Understanding dimensioning concepts

Creating dimensions

Editing dimensions

Using dimension styles and variables

Adding geometric tolerances


 13. Working with other files in your drawing

Working with blocks

Working with attributes

Working with external references

Attaching underlays created in other file formats

Working with images


 14. Printing drawing

Getting started printing

Defining layouts for printing

Customizing and reusing print settings

Using print styles

Printing or plotting your drawing

Publishing drawings


  15. Drawing in 3D

Viewing entities in three dimensions

Creating three-dimensional entities

Editing in three dimensions (partial Pro Version Only)

Editing three-dimensional solids (Pro Version only)

Hiding, shading, and rendering


 16. Working with other programs

Saving and viewing snapshots

Using data from other programs in 2021 drawings

Editing an embedded or linked object from within 2021

Using 2021 data in other programs

Using 2021 with the Internet


 17. Customizing

Settings and changing options

Customizing menus

Customizing the ribbon

Customizing toolbars

Customizing the keyboard

Creating aliases

Customizing the main window using a .cui file

Customizing entities

Creating and replaying scripts

Programming 2021

Using a digitizer tablet


  18. Glossary

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