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Drawing freehand sketches


A freehand sketch consists of many straight line segments, created either as individual

line entities or as a polyline.


Creating freehand sketches

Before you begin creating a freehand sketch, you must set the length, or increment, of

each segment. The smaller the segments, the more accurate your sketch, but segments

that are too small can greatly increase the file size


After you specify the length of the sketch segments, the crosshairs change to a Pencil

tool. Your freehand sketch is not added to the drawing until you “write” the sketch

into your drawing. This means that you temporarily save the segment that you’ve

drawn and the segment length, and you can continue sketching.


Erasing freehand sketch lines

You can erase temporary freehand sketch lines that have not yet been written into the

drawing by choosing the Delete On option in the prompt box. The pencil changes to

an Eraser tool. You can erase portions of the line when you move the eraser over a

temporary freehand line without clicking the mouse button.


Setting the sketch method and accuracy

Using polylines for freehand sketches makes it easier to go back and edit sketches.

You control whether to create freehand sketches using line segments or polylines in

the Drawing Settings dialog box. You can also control the length of sketch segments

in this dialog box.




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