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Specifying measurements and divisions


You can divide a line, arc, circle, polyline, ellipse, or spline into a number of equal

segments or mark off intervals of a specific length along an entity. (Note that divide is

not the same as break.) For example, you may want to place station-point markers

every 50 feet along the centerline of a roadway or divide the plan view of a window

into three equal-width sections of glass, placing a mullion at each division point.


Understanding measurements and divisions


To specify measurements and divisions, use these commands:


• For the length of the segments, use the Measure command.

• For the number of equal-length segments, use the Divide command.



You can measure or divide arcs, circles, lines, polylines, ellipses, and splines. With

either command, you can identify the segments by placing either a block or point

entity at the end of each interval. If you use points, you can snap to the ends of intervals

using the point entity snap. The appearance of the point entities is determined by

the current point display type, which you control in the Drawing Settings dialog box.


To use a block as the marker, the block must already be defined in the current drawing.

You can further indicate whether to rotate the block to align perpendicularly to

the entity you are measuring or dividing.


CADdirect 2022 begins measuring or dividing based on the point at which you

select the entity and the type of entity with which you are working. For most entities,

measuring starts from the endpoint closest to the point you used to select the entity.

If you select the entity to be measured or divided using a method other than pointing

(for example, using a window or fence selection), the program prompts you to

specify the end from which you want to begin measuring.


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