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Opening a drawing


You can open drawing (.dwg) files, Drawing Exchange Format (.dxf) files, Design

Web Format (.dwf) files, and drawing template (.dwt) files.

You can also open and check drawings that you suspect are damaged.


Opening an existing drawing

You can open any of these drawing files:


• Standard drawing files with a .dwg extension.

   In addition to your own drawing files, you can open and use one of the sample

   drawings that are included with CADdirect 2022.

• Drawing Exchange Format files with a .dxf file extension.

• Design Web Format files with a .dwf file extension.

• Drawing templates with a .dwt file extension.

• Drawing files with a .dgn extension.


You can also open drawings while browsing files on your computer.


Simply double-click the file or drag it to the drawing area in CADdirect 2022. Using pro-grams that came with your operating system, such as Windows File Explorer or My Computer, you can find the drawing you want by viewing thumbnail images of the drawing files as you browse them. If needed, choose Tools > Options and on the Gen-eral tab, click Set Files Association to specify which filetypes are associated with CADdirect 2022.




Opening a damaged drawing


Files can become damaged for many reasons. For example, if you are working on a drawing during a power outage, a system crash, or a hardware failure, your drawing file may become damaged. CADdirect 2022 allows you to open and check damaged files to attempt file recovery.


Recovering a file attempts to open one of the following file types:


• Standard drawing files with a .dwg extension.

• Drawing Exchange Format files with a .dxf file extension.

• Design Web Format files with a .dwf file extension.

• Drawing templates with a .dwt file extension.


You can also audit any open file to check it for errors. You specify whether you want

CADdirect 2022 to fix any errors that are found automatically.

Drafter fixes as many errors as possible and any errors that cannot


An ASCII file describes the audit.


If the AUDITCTL system variable is set to On and errors are found during a file recovery or audit, an ASCII file is created that describes the audit. The ASCII file is saved in the same folder as the audited drawing and has the same name as the drawing file, but with an .adt extension.


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