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KazQR™ 2022

QR Barcode Generator as DWG / DXF / JPEG for All CAD Systems

QR Barcode Generator
KazQR 2022


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QR code Generator is a Stand Alone App You Can Use With
All CAD Systems

Key Feaures:

  • QR Barcode as Native and Attractive DWG/DXF
  • QR Barcode as DWG Block with Solids, Sqares, Circles, or Horizontal / Vertical Bares
  • QR Barcode is a Part of the CAD Drawing
  • QR Barcode Generator as Attractive Colorful JPEG or TIFF
  • Batch QR Barcode Generation Using Text or CSV Lists
  • QR Barcode as Web URL, Phone, VCard, MeCard, User Rrepared
  • Correction Level Low to High (7% - 35%)
  • External Stand Alone App for All CAD Systems
  • QR Barcode Generation as Raster Image
  • QR Barcode Generation as Vector File
  • QR Barcode Generation for CAD Systems
  • Creates QR Barcode as free scalable DWG File
  • Creates QR Barcode as free scalable DXF File
  • Creates QR Barcode as native CAD Entities Hatch
  • Creates QR Barcode as native CAD Entities 2D Solid
  • Creates QR Barcode as native CAD Entities Polyline
  • Creates QR Barcode as TIFF
  • Creates QR Barcode as PNG
  • Creates QR Barcode as JPEG
  • Creates QR Barcode as GIF
  • Free QR Barcode Background
  • Free QR Barcode Color
  • Four different error correction levels
  • Support of Unicode Characters
  • Support of Hangul, Jamo, Kanji, Chinese, Arabic, and Russian characters
  • Saving and Loading of Settings
  • Saving and Loading of Text
  • Command Line and Batch
  • Supports Cloud Computing
  • Supports Plain Text QR Barcode
  • Supports URL QR Barcode
  • Supports Telephone QR Barcode
  • Supports vCard
  • Supports meCard

Batch QR generation using prepared lists:


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