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Using an alternate text editor


CADdirect 2022 includes a built-in text editor for creating paragraph text using the Multi-line Text command. You can also specify an alternate text editor for the Multiline Text command.


Selecting an alternate text editor


Before you can use an alternate text editor, you must specify the editor by setting the MTEXTED system variable.


To select an alternate text editor


Type mtexted and then press Enter.


Enter the path and name of the executable file for the text editor you want to use to create or edit multiline text. For example, to use Microsoft® Wordpad, you would type something similar to the following (adjusting the path name as necessary):

C:\Program Files\Windows\Accessories\Wordpad.exe


Creating paragraph text in an alternate text editor


After you set up CADdirect 2022 to use an alternate text editor, you can start using it to include text in your drawings.


To use an alternate text editor


Do one of the following to choose Multiline Text:


  • On the ribbon, choose Home > Multiline Text (in Annotate).
  • On the menu, choose Draw > Multiline Text.
  • On the Draw toolbar, click the Multiline Text tool.
  • Type mtext and then press Enter.


Select the first and second corners of the text area.


In the text editor, type the text you want, using the special characters from the table shown next to achieve special formatting. Enter \P to end a paragraph and start a new paragraph on the next line. For example, to use an alignment value of 1 and stack two numbers to display them as a fraction:


When your text is complete, save the changes and exit the text editor.

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