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Using CADdirect 2022 Explorer


CADdirect 2022 Explorer is a separate window that allows you to view, create, copy, and edit layers, layer states, linetypes, text styles, coordinate systems, blocks, dimension styles, and views within your drawings. You can also use CADdirect 2022 Explorer to copy these elements from one open drawing to another. CADdirect 2022 Explorer is a great way to manage and maintain your drawings.


Displaying CADdirect 2022 Explorer


CADdirect 2022 Explorer opens in its own, separate window, which you can move or resize. The CADdirect 2022 Explorer window has its own menu and tools.To display CADdirect 2022 Explorer


CADdirect 2022 Explorer displays elements, such as layers, layer states, linetypes, and more, on the left and corresponding drawing settings on the right.

Using CADdirect 2022 Explorer, you can create, delete, or modify any of the settings for the currently selected element for a given drawing. You can also copy the contents of any element from one drawing to another. The tools and menu items in the CADdirect 2022 Explorer window provide the following functions:


Copying settings


A particularly powerful feature of the CADdirect 2022 Explorer is its capability of copying many of the settings — layers, linetypes, text styles, coordinate systems, views, blocks, or dimension styles — from one drawing to another. If you have more than one drawing open, the CADdirect 2022 Explorer makes it easy to reuse information. For example, when you copy layers from one drawing to another, the layer names as well as their linetypes, colors, and other settings are also copied, but not the entities on those layers.


Deleting settings


You can use the CADdirect 2022 Explorer to delete many of the items that appear

in the Elements list. You can delete a layer, linetype, text style, coordinate system,

view, block, or dimension style.


Because you may have already created entities on a particular layer or using a particular linetype or text style, deleting one of these elements requires that you make certain choices from options the program presents. For example, if you attempt to delete

a layer, the program prompts you to specify whether you want to move any entities from that layer to another layer. Every drawing has at least one layer, the default layer,

named “0.” You cannot delete or rename this layer. Your drawing can also contain an unlimited number of additional layers, each of which you assign a unique name.


If you try to delete a linetype, the program prompts you to specify whether you want

to convert all entities drawn using that linetype to a different linetype. If you attempt

to delete a text style, the program prompts you to specify whether you want to convert

all text entities created using that style to a different style.


Delete a layer and its entities.

In the command bar, type LAYDEL, then select an entity that is assigned the layer

you want to delete. Using this method also deletes all entities assigned the layer.


Purging elements


From within CADdirect 2022 Explorer, you can eliminate unused blocks, layers, line-types, text styles, dimension styles, or annotation scales from your drawing file. Purg-ing unused elements can significantly reduce the drawing file size.


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