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Working with blocks


Blocks represent a special type of entity that, once saved, can be inserted and manipulated in the drawing as a single entity.


Understanding blocks

A block can consist of visible entities such as lines, arcs, and circles as well as visible

or invisible data called attributes. You can use attributes to track things such as part

numbers and prices and to export attribute information to an external database. You

can also track the number of parts by counting the number of times a block has been

inserted into the drawing. Blocks are stored as part of the drawing file.


External references have similar uses to blocks. Using external references, you can

attach entire drawings to your current drawing. Unlike a block, however, an external

reference does not become part of the current drawing.

You can save blocks in the CADdirect 2022 Explorer. You can also use the CADdirect 2022 Explorer to manage and insert copies of blocks. The

CADdirect 2022 Explorer lists the names of all blocks contained in the current drawing, along with other information about each block or external



You can also rename a block, modify its insertion point, and change the path of an externally referenced drawing by single-clicking on the property and making your edits within the CADdirect 2022 Explorer.


Displaying block information in CADdirect 2022 Explorer

To display blocks in the CADdirect 2022 Explorer


Do one of the following to choose Explore Blocks:


• On the ribbon, choose Tools > Blocks (in Explorer).

• On the menu, choose Tools > CADdirect 2022 Explorer > Explore Blocks.

• On the Explorer toolbar, click the Explore Blocks tool.

• Type expblocks and then press Enter.


The Blocks element in the CADdirect 2022 Explorer defaults with icons on. The Icons view shows you a small image of each block.

To see more information about each block, click the Details tool ( ). In the Details view, you can edit the path and the insertion point by clicking the setting and typing your changes.


Creating and naming blocks

You can combine any number of entities into a single block. After you create a block, you can insert copies of it into a drawing. Each block insertion is treated as a single entity; for example, you can rotate or scale each block when you insert it. The program adds the name of the new block you insert to the Block Name list in the CADdirect 2022 Explorer.


Inserting a block

You can insert into a drawing any block listed in the Block Name list in the CADdirect 2022 Explorer. This includes blocks contained within any open drawing.


Inserting a drawing as a block

You can insert another drawing as a block into the current drawing. After you do this, the block name is added to the Block Name list in the CADdirect 2022

Explorer. Changes made later to the inserted drawing will not be reflected in this drawing.


Saving a block as a separate drawing

You can save a block as a separate drawing, and then you can open and modify that drawing as you would any other drawing.



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