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Working with coordinate systems


A coordinate system is a system of points that represents the drawing space in relation

to an origin (0,0,0) and a set of axes that intersect at the origin.


Understanding coordinate systems

When you create entities in a drawing, they are located in relation to the drawing’s

underlying Cartesian coordinate system. Every drawing has a fixed coordinate system

called the World Coordinate System (WCS). You cannot delete or modify the WCS.


Your drawing may contain additional coordinate systems, however, each with its own

0,0,0 origin and orientation. You can create as many user coordinate systems as you

want, and then save and recall them as you need them. You can edit the origin of a

coordinate system from within the CADdirect 2022 Explorer by single-clicking the origin coordinates and then typing new coordinates.



For example, you can create a separate user coordinate system (UCS) for each side of a building. Then, by switching to the UCS for the east side of the building, you can draw the windows on that side by specifying only their x- and y-coordinates.


You can create and then switch between various user coordinate systems by selecting Coordinate Systems in the CADdirect 2022 Explorer.

Displaying coordinate system information in CADdirect 2022 Explorer to display the Coordinate Systems element


Do one of the following to choose Explore Coordinate Systems:

• On the ribbon, choose Tools > Coordinate Systems (in Explorer).

• On the menu, choose Tools > CADdirect 2022 Explorer > Explore Coordinate Systems.

• Choose Tools > User Coordinate Systems > Explore Coordinate Systems.

• On the Explorer toolbar, click the Explore Coordinate Systems tool.

• Type expucs and then press Enter.


Defining and naming user coordinate systems

A drawing can contain as many coordinate systems as you want and can be named appropriate names so you can remember how they are used in your drawing for recalling them later.


Setting the current user coordinate system

When you draw new entities, they are created in relation to the current coordinate system. You can set the current UCS from the CADdirect 2022 Explorer.

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