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Working with layouts


Each drawing that you create contains the area where you do most of your work on

the Model tab and can also contain numerous layouts on Layout tabs that simulate the

paper on which you will print a copy of the drawing.


Using CADdirect 2022 Explorer, you can manage the layouts in a drawing, assign a page setup, and you can also easily copy layouts to be reused in other drawings.


Making a layout active in CADdirect 2022 Explorer is the equivalent of clicking its corre-sponding tab in the drawing window.


Displaying layouts in the CADdirect 2022 Explorer

To display layouts in the CADdirect 2022 Explorer


Do one of the following to choose Explore Layouts:

• On the ribbon, choose Tools > Layouts (in Explorer).

• On the menu, choose Tools > Explore Layouts.

• On the Explorer toolbar, click the Explore Layouts tool.

• Type explayouts and then press Enter.

• Choose Tools > CADdirect 2022 Explorer, and then click the Views element.


Creating and naming layouts

Each drawing can contain one layout for the model and up to 255 other layouts.


Specifying page setup options for a layout

Each layout can have its own page setup assigned to it. This enables you to accommodate unique print settings for each layout. If some layouts use the same print settings, those layouts can be assigned the same page setup.


Assigning a page setup to a model or layout doesn’t mean it will always print with the specified settings. All of the print settings specified for a page setup can be overridden at print time.

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