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Working with text written in different languages


You can include text in your drawings that is written in different languages.


Using Unicode characters


CADdirect 2022 supports the Unicode character encoding standard, which enables you to display and write text in different languages using different letters. Unicode fonts contain many more characters than typically defined in a system. The following table describes only a small set that is available

For details about using other special characters, see “Including special text characters” on page 350 in this chapter. You can also use a different text editor; see “Using an alternate text editor” on page 360 in this chapter.


Specifying character sets for drawings


The character set used to display text in drawings typically depends on the character set specified by your operating system, for example, ANSI_1252 is Latin 1, ANSI_1253 is Greek, and ANSI_1254 is Turkish. This is also called the code page.


CADdirect 2022 allows you to manage which code page is assigned to a drawing. This unique feature is usually not necessary if you distribute drawings within the same geographic region, but it can be very helpful when sharing or distributing drawings between different geographic regions. Changing the code page is highly desirable especially in geographic regions where several languages are used that require different character sets to display text properly.


Setting the code page doesn’t change the language of your text; instead it specifies the character set in which the text displays. Some fonts can display its characters several different ways depending on the code page setting.


There are two system variables that relate to the code page of a drawing:


  • SYSCODEPAGE — Character set defined for your operating system.
  • DWGCODEPAGE — Character set defined for an individual drawing that over-rides the operating system code page.


To select a code page for the current drawing


Type codepage and then press Enter.

The Code Page Manager dialog box opens.


If you want to convert the drawing to use a code page that is different from the operating system code page, in Drawing Code Page, select the new code page for the drawing.


Click OK.

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