Subject: Importing files created in other formats

You can import files that have the following formats:

   Autodesk DXFä format — Autodesk Drawing Exchange Format is an ASCII description of a drawing file with a .dxf file extension.

   Autodesk DXBä format — Autodesk Drawing Exchange Format is a binary description of a drawing file with a .dxb file extension.

   Autodesk DWFä format — Autodesk Design Web Formatä (used with .dwf files) is used to distribute a drawing for others to view in a Web browser, review, and edit. The DWF format uses the .dwf file extension.

   DWT format — Drawing templates contain predefined settings that you can reuse when you create new drawings. Drawing templates use the .dwt file extension.

   DGN format — Drawing files used with Bentleyâ Microstationâ. The DGN for­mat uses the .dgn file extension.

   PDF format — Model data used with Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® and Adobe® Acrobat.

   Spatial Technologies ACIS format — Three-dimensional ACIS solids saved as an .sat file.

   DAE format — Collada files are an interactive three-dimensional graphics file for­mat used by 3D graphics applications (three-dimensional entities are exported, including ACIS entities). Collada files use the .dae file extension.

   IGES format — Model data in the IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) format as an .iges or .igs file.

   STEP format — Model data in the STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product) format as an .step, .ste or .stp file.

   OBJ format — Model data in OBJ (Wavefront Technologies object) format as an .obj file.

   STL format — Model data in an STL (Stereolithography) format as an .stl file, which is common when working with 3D printers.

   TXT or CSV format — Point data located in a text or comma-separated value for­mat file can be imported as point entities, vertices of a polyline, or vertices of a spline.

   Map files — Map files are .shp, .sdf and .sqlite shapefiles that store geometric location and attribute information of geographic features.

   IFC format — Drawing files in the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) format used for building and construction data.

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