Subject: Creating customized toolbar files manually

With CADdirect, the easiest way to share toolbars is to create a new .cui file using the Customize UI command and share that file with other CADdirect users. For more details, see Creating a new .cui file and copying settings.

You can also manually create toolbars that you can share by creating or modifying an .mnu file manually.

To manually create a toolbar that you can share

   1   Open any ASCII or Unicode text editor.

   2   Use the following toolbar syntax to type the toolbar definitions:


[_Toolbar ("toolbar_name", orient, visible, xval, yval, rows)]
ID_button_name [_Button ("button_name", id_small, id_large)]command

ID_button_name [help_string]

Toolbar syntax and explanations




Menu group name.


Toolbar name.


Orientation. Select Floating, Top, Bottom, Left, and Right (not case sensitive).


. Select Show or Hide (not case sensitive).


x coordinate, designated in pixels from left edge of screen. Suggested value: 200.


y coordinate, designated in pixels from top edge of screen. Suggested value: 200.


Number of rows


Tool name. Appears as a ToolTip when user places cursor over button.


Name of small (16 x 16 pixels) icon bitmap (BMP) file. This file must be located in the CADdirect folder specified in Tools > Options > Paths.


Name of large (32 x 32 pixels) icon bitmap (BMP) file. This file must be located in the CADdirect folder specified in Tools > Options > Paths.


Command string (Example: ^C^C_LINE).


Help string. Appears in the status bar when cursor passes over the button.

   3   Save the file to the CADdirect folder with a *.mnu extension.

Example Toolbar File Contents


ID_ NewDraw [_Toolbar("NewDraw ", _Bottom, _Show, 200, 200, 1)]
ID_Line_0 [_Button("Line", Iline.bmp, IL_line.bmp)]^C^C_line
ID_Hatch [_Button("Hatch", Ihatch.bmp, IL_hatch.bmp)]^C^C_hatch
ID_Dtext [_Button("Dtext", Idtext.bmp, IL_dtext.bmp)]^C^C_dtext
ID__0 [_Button("Circle Rad", Icirad.bmp, IL_cirad.bmp)]^C^Ccircle;
ID_Erase [_Button("Erase", Ierase.bmp, IL_erase.bmp)]^C^Cerase;

ID_Line_0 [Creates straight line segments]
ID_Hatch [Fills an enclosed area with a nonassociative hatch pattern]
ID_Dtext [Displays text on screen as it is entered]
ID__0 [Allows user to draw a circle with a radius value]
ID_Erase [Removes objects from a drawing]

To open the file on another computer

   1   Copy the toolbar (.mnu) file and all related custom bitmap (*.bmp) files to the CADdirect folder on the other computer.

   2   Open CADdirect.

   3   Do one of the following to choose Customize UI ():

   On the ribbon, choose Tools > Customize UI (in Manage).

   On the menu, choose Tools > Customize UI.

   Type cui and press Enter.

   4   Click the Transfer tab.

   5   On the left, click Open.

   6   Select the new toolbar file, then click Open.

   7   Click OK.

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