Subject: Filtering and finding layers

Some drawings contain large lists of layers. To limit the layers that appear in the list, you can search layers by name (including wildcards) and you can also create layer fil­ters.

By default, there are two predefined filters. One displays all layers and the other dis­plays all layers that are used in the drawing.

There are two types of layer filters that you can create:

   Properties filter — Includes layers according to properties that you specify. This filter is dynamic, that is, if a new layer meets the requirements for the property fil­ter, it is automatically added to the filter.

   Group filter — Includes layers that you include in the group. This filter is static, that is, new layers are handled manually.

After you create a layer filter, you can turn all of its layers on or off, thaw or freeze the layers, and lock or unlock the layers. Layer filters can also be inverted, imported, and exported.

Layer filters can affect several lists of layers.
In addition to the list of layers in the Explorer, layer filters can also be applied to the layer controls on the ribbon Home tab and Quick Access toolbar (if the ribbon is available in your program version), Layer Tools toolbar, and Entity Properties tool­bar. Click Apply Layer Filter to Layer Control to change whether the current layer filter selected in the Explorer is applied to these layer lists.

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